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Venezuelan plastic artist born from the united talents of Ignacio “Iñaki” Martinez and his son Orlando “Mangan” Martinez. Mangan, Apprentice of his father, works alongside his mentor and together they create fresh work with Surrealist and Modern influences. The project comes to life due to the need of both artists to express their creativity on various mediums. Mangan was raised amongst artists. Both of his grandfathers were painters and since he can remember he has had huge admiration for their works. His main inspiration, however, has always been his father. Mangan is also an accomplished musician. Among his achievements is a Latin grammy with his rock band, VINILOVERSUS. Iñaki on the other hand, was trained as a civil engineer, but never abandoned his art. He studied painting for fourteen years with the well-known Venezuelan artist Miguel Renom and has been making art for over forty years. 


Both of them are the four hand artist named IKORMA.